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Squirrels (Sciuridae)

squirrel (isolated)


Squirrels have an elongated body which measures about 23 to 30 cm and their bushy tail has a length of about 19 to 25 cm.


Squirrels are mammals. They can be brown, grey or black in colour.


These mammals belong to the rodent family. They have a very keen sense of hearing, and claws that allow them to easily climb trees for shelter, feed and protect themselves.


They feed mainly on nuts, hazelnuts, acorns, pine seeds, etc. They will often bury their provisions in the ground. In the winter time their keen sense of smell allows them to retrace their stored food. They sometimes eat insects.


Squirrels are attracted to wooded environments, and thus make their nests in holes in trees, but they can also break into homes through chimneys and roof soffits to build their nest.

Consequences / Dangers

The presence of squirrels in your home is extremely dangerous because they can chew electrical wires and cause fires. Pregnant females often utilize roof attics to give birth. They also wreak havoc in your garden by degrading your fruits and vegetables in their search for and burial of food.


You must be wary of this small rodent as it can transmit disease by biting you if they feel threatened. Never approach, corner or attack it.

Our guide to safely capture this rodent without harming it is available here.

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