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Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)



The brown rat is about 28 cm long excluding its tail! The tail can be another 17 cm long!


It shaded brown to grey.


The brown rat is a rodent known under other names such as grey rat, sewer rat, etc. The rat’s body is covered with fur.  It is very muscular, can jump up to 1m high, can swim up to 800 m and has a very muscular jaw.


This omnivorous mammal has carnivorous tendencies and can survive on waste.


Rats like to live in groups, near humans because they can easily find food. They live in urban areas in sewers where they feel safe. They can also dig burrows and passageways in foundations or near homes.

Consequences / Dangers

Brown rats are very common in the Quebec / Montreal region and cause major devastation by infesting attics, roofs and upper floors of buildings and gnawing on structures and equipment. This rodent contaminates food with fleas that it may be carrying and its excrement can transmit dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis, leptospirosis, murine typhus, sodoku, fever, rabies and even the plague.


There are steps to take to remedy a brown rat invasion.

So consult an extermination specialist by checking out our prevention guide below.

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