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Raccoons (Procyon lotor)

raccoon (9 months) - Procyon lotor


Raccoons do not measure more than 70 cm in length.


They are easily distinguished by their dense grey fur, their furry tail and striped black and white lines.


Raccoons are a widespread rodent in the Quebec region. They have a highly developed sense of touch in their legs and a great ability to handle small objects; they are excellent tree climbers and good swimmers. They are social animals who often travel as a family.


The raccoon has an omnivorous diet and tend to feed on invertebrates, insects, worms and larvae and can even feed on waste in urban areas.


In the city, the raccoon builds its burrows in sheds, balconies and roof attics. In mid-November, they enter a deep sleep, rarely waking up and survive off their fat stores until the spring.

Consequences / Dangers

Raccoons can carry rabies, distemper or scabies and also parasites (parvovirus infection, leptospirosis and baylisascaris procyonis). Therefore never try to feed them because they are likely to injure you by scratching or biting you and can pass along diseases through saliva. Pregnant females often utilize roof attics to give birth.


There are steps to take to solve a raccoon invasion.

So consult an extermination specialist by checking out our prevention guide below.

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