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Wasp (Hymenoptera)

Live wasp isolated on white background


Wasp measure approximately 10 to 15 mm.


They are yellow with black stripes.


Wasp have an elongated body, 6 legs, wings and antennae.


Wasp eat insects and human food; they especially like meats and sweets. Unlike bees, wasps do not make honey and do not store their food for the winter.


Wasps can build their nests anywhere provided it is a shaded and cool environment. Underground, around garbage cans, in trees and shrubs, on balconies, in roof cornices or in any structural crack and crevice around your home that ultimately leads to a void space i.e a wall or attic. . They prefer to live near areas of human activity which can make the social wasp a formidable pest and their nests can easily contain over 1,000 wasps by the end of the season.

Consequences / Dangers

Unlike bees, Wasp can sting the same person repeatedly and the injected venom causes swelling and temporary pain that may be harmful to some people.


There are steps to take to remedy a problem of a Wasp invasion.

So consult an extermination specialist by checking out our prevention guide below.

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