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Pigeons (Columba Livia)



The pigeon measures about 28 cm.


The pigeon is a bird that changes colour with age: grey, beige, white or black.


This bird is a very common species in the Quebec / Montreal region. It multiplies rapidly since females lay new eggs even before her young have left their nest.


Pigeons feed primarily on invertebrates, seeds and fruit and can also eat bread,because they live near humans. Their presence is easily detected because they are very noisy and produce a large amount of droppings around their habitat.


This bird species is often found in urban areas, shelters and nests in places humans find hard to reach in order to protect themselves, such as gutters, roofs, attics andwindow sills..

Consequences / Dangers

This bird is capable of causing major health problems because its feces contains bacteria and fungi, which can cause infections in rare cases. The nuisance of pigeons also comes from the fact that they are able to degrade the exterior finish of buildings and roofs.


There are steps to take to remedy the problem of a pigeon invasion.

So consult an extermination specialist by checking out our prevention guide below.

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