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Woodlouse (Armadillilium vulgare)

Brown big wood louse - Porcellio scaber


The woodlouse is a very small insect measuring 9 to 19 mm.


This insect is yellowish-brown or pale slate grey in colour.


The woodlouse has a rigid exoskeleton, fourteen feet and a shell that can sometimes become almost transparent; this insect is subject to monthly mutations.


The woodlouse feeds on decaying plant material, thus contributing to the acceleration of composting.


This insect seeks out dark places to hide, such as under rocks, in flowerpots, under dead leaves, etc…. Inside, it lives in damp places like basements which can signal moisture problems.

Consequences / Dangers

The role of the woodlouse is beneficial in gardens because they accelerate the decomposition of plants and the production of plant nutrients. They can attack the roots or shoots but do not pose a real threat to the plants. They do not carry diseases and they do not infect food. Technically, these insects are not pests but their control is recommended because they can cause anxiety in some individuals.


There are steps to take to remedy a Woodlouse invasion problem.

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