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Offering a quality service that preserves your health and respects the environment is what matters most to us; as such VERMINEX responds quickly to your needs and explains the techniques used to resolve all your pest problems.

VERMINEX specializes in the extermination of all types of animals and pests. Our service trucks are equipped with all the necessary products and equipment required to provide same day comprehensive service. We operate in the Greater Montreal Area, Laval, South Shore and all surrounding suburbs. We offer various services such as:

1. Insect Control – Inside / outside spray treatments

Ants, spiders, woodlice, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs… Many insects can invade the inside or outside your home. For this, we have chosen the most effective products on the market, combined with our expertise, proven work methods and specialized extermination we can eliminate even the most difficult and pervasive insects.

2. Rodent Control (Mice and Rats)

Rodents are a real danger to your health as they can transmit diseases and cause major damage to your home. So if you hear scratching in the walls or if you notice the presence of bite marks on food or containers in the pantry, it’s time to act!

VERMINEX uses the best products on the market to eliminate rodents. These products ensure rapid elimination and offer long-term protection against any future intrusions.

3. Capture and relocation of wildlife

Your home can attract all kinds of wild animals in search of food or warmth during the winter. VERMINEX has extermination technicians who specialize in the capture and relocation of these wild animals with secure cages which pose no harm to the captured animals.

To be sure that these wild animals do not return to your place of residence, we move them to wooded environments a great distance from your home.

4. Advice and Prevention

Our technicians are at your disposal to offer their expertise in advice and prevention. They not only help you eliminate animals and insects in your home, but they take time to explain each step of the treatmentll technique that will be used to solve your problem.

To ensure your total satisfaction, we offer after-sales service and remain available to answer all your questions.

5. Inspection Service and Expertise

Do you suspect that you have insects or rodents on your premises? VERMINEX offers a free estimate to fix your problem and offers a full inspection service.

Before acting, we meticulously study your environment and the severity of your problem to give you targeted and personalized advice that will help you prevent all forms of invasion.

6. Disinfection and Cleaning

VERMINEX has expanded its scope of action and offers, in addition to a professional extermination service, the disinfection and cleaning of your premises. Ideal for building owners and home owners when insects and rodents have left behind unsanitary conditions.

Our cleaning services ensure the elimination of odours and bacteria transmitted by rodent and insect droppings.

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